We live in an era of changes, innovation and development, and I have always noticed that these changes and innovation create new opportunities to continuous development of progress. It is also the innovative idea in the development of Krav Maga competitive sports.


The goal of this system is to allow the general public from all over the world to specialize in traditional Krav Maga, and on the other hand to direct the knowledge to sports activity and to develop all the skills and components of physical and athletic fitness alongside with all the emotional and mental components.


With the help of partners in the innovative idea of advancing Krav Maga to another level, we built a competitive concept with rules and regulations and allow all those who engage in Krav Maga, women, men and youth from all over the world to participate in competitions to follow the same professional language.


Therefore, together with my friends, Mr. Francis DIDIER – President from France Federation, Mr. Kaha Basilia President from Georgia  Federation, we established a new organization called World Federation of KRAV MAGA (WFKM) and under the new organization with dealt with difficult human and physical obstacles and we brought to life the first historic world championship that took place in Jerusalem on October of 2017 with participants from 10 countries.


The results were excellent, the responses worldwide were positive, and this was due to the professional and hard team work. 

Our goal is to take sports combat Krav Maga to a new significant level and to continue to have international competitions and championships, world championships and European championships.


Our new official and updated website aims to achieve that goal while giving a window of opportunities to the wide fans of Krav Maga in the world, to be a part of us and to share their exciting moments along side with the social media. 

And from this “Future Intersection”, I would like to invite you to create and develop with us and to be our partners in progressing the sports combat Krav Maga and traditional Krav Maga into the next level.