Krav Maga rules 2019

The course program includes:

1. Analysis of the Krav Maga method and learning about all the important components and their contribution

   To develop technical and tactical capabilities alongside physical and mental abilities.

2. Analysis of the dominant components in krav maga combat fighter ” 3 – Models”

3. Learning the correct methods for proper instruction in the P.T.M method

4. Training in functional training for krav maga – additional training certificate

5. Statistical analysis – incidents of violence and terrorism

6. The method and method are amateurish to professionalism

7. Preparation of training systems and training programs

8. The modern instructor and the professional tools available to him

9.Training, theoretical and practical in developing the perfect krav maga fighter

10. And more.

diploma :

Those who complete the course will be given a certified instructor’s certificate at Kav-Mag – with the approval of the College of Sport Academy in Tel Aviv.

Internship certificate – specialization in the personal field …..

Advanced training certificate for functional training – specific in krav maga


1. Compulsory attendance 80% of practical studies

2. Industry test – passing score – 60

3. Apprenticeship training programs – 4 types

4. Submission of a seminar paper

5. Practical test – passing score – 70

6. Internship – 30 hours training (provided by internship form)

7. First aid course – 22 hours (valid for up to two years)Training, theoretical and practical in developing the perfect           fighter


Successful graduates will receive an international certificate that allows them to be REFEREE at Krav Maga competitions all over the world. Minimum Experience Criterion 5 years in Krav Maga, Black Belt  2 DAN.


The training method in P.T.M is based on the Israeli academic research in the training sciences, which is based on lateral integration, together with applied thinking of theory in practice (vertical thinking), which together create a combination of interdisciplinary and unique interdisciplinary activities.

The P.T.M method is based on the relationship between identification of innate components and the studied components that are important for building the right training that enables balanced development and expanding knowledge and skills in improving performance and designing the profile in the Krav Maga combat code (see end of chapter)

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